Redwood Family Dentist Is Taking On ISIS: “We Are Not Going Away”

The Redwood family dental practice in Oakland is taking on ISIS, which is also taking over parts of the Middle East.

A report by the Los Angeles Times says the practice’s owner, Dr. Robert Redwood, recently said ISIS has become “an unstoppable force” in the Middle Eastern region.

Redwood said in a phone interview that he has been fighting ISIS for years.

“ISIS, I have been fighting for the last 10 years,” he said.

“They’re coming after us, they’re trying to get our children back.

They’re trying now to get us out of here.

I’ve fought for years for them to take over, but it doesn’t work.”

He said he believes ISIS has “a new strategy” to fight America.

“It’s not like we’re going to be attacked again and again, but they’re going after us again and the same thing is happening right now,” he added.

“The only way they can do this is by killing more people and the way we’re being slaughtered, I’m afraid.”

He added that he believes the rise of ISIS will be a big part of the reason why the world is in the midst of an “unimaginable crisis.”

“It was always going to happen,” he told the Times.

“There was no doubt that the world would end in the summer of 2032.

I’m sure we will see some sort of catastrophe in 2032.”

According to the Times, Redwood has been the target of attacks by ISIS members in the past, including in January, when a man in a pickup truck plowed into his family’s home in California.

Redwoods family practices have also been attacked before.

In 2014, a woman who called herself “Randy” called her brother and told him that her husband was dead, and that ISIS was on the prowl.

In 2016, two other dentists in the Oakland area were killed in an ISIS attack.

The latest attack comes just days after a woman in Virginia was gunned down at her home.

The gunman, who was later identified as Jared Loughner, killed five people and wounded 14 others before he was shot dead by police.