Surgeon who treated Stow’s family ‘terrified’ by reports

Surgeon Dr S. Ramaswamy, who treated family dentist Stow and his two sons at a Suraksha hospital, said he was “terrified” by reports of an alleged “death of the family”.

“He said they are a very poor family and they are living in fear of the law.

He said he had been warned that the case might turn violent and that the police are very sensitive to such reports.

He also said that he is being advised to avoid such reports in the future,” Dr Ramaswal told reporters here on Wednesday.

Dr Ramaswar said he is trying to reach out to the authorities to check the story, as he did not know about the death of Stow or the death threats.

The hospital in which he was treated has denied any such incident.

“The police have been very sensitive and the situation has turned out very bad.

We have not received any threats.

I have been advised not to speak to the media,” he said.

The two doctors, who have been on leave for two weeks, said they had received death threats in the past from the police.

“We had received threats on social media, including death threats that were made against us.

We also received death threat messages on WhatsApp messages,” he told reporters.

He said the police had not yet registered a case and he was working under the supervision of the Health Ministry.

Dr. Ramswal said he has not yet been formally interviewed by the police, but he was in touch with the authorities.

He added that the authorities have been working on the case since Monday.