Dental Assistant to ‘Save Lives’ in the Anthem incident

The mother of a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader who was struck by a helmet-to-helmet hit during the anthem has joined the fight against police brutality.

According to Dallas Morning News, Ashley Riddle spoke out after a video surfaced of a female officer on the ground kicking her son in the face during a demonstration outside a Dallas police station in September.

The video, shot by a bystander, showed a Dallas cop kicking the kneeling boy in the head as the officer shouted, “He’s a terrorist.”

The mother of Dallas Cowboys player DeMarco Murray was outraged that a female police officer was kicked in the neck during a protest outside the Dallas Police Department, and said she spoke out against the brutality of the police in Dallas.

“I was shocked, because we all saw it.

The officer was kicking her in the back,” she told the Morning News.

A spokeswoman for Dallas police declined to comment.

Riddle said she has been protesting police brutality since the death of her son, DeMarco, in March.

The Dallas Cowboys were criticized for not protesting the police brutality of black men in New York after a police officer killed Eric Garner, an unarmed black man.

After Garner’s death, several NFL players and coaches said they did not want to participate in the anthem because it is disrespectful to the fallen and killed police officers.

“The league’s policy is not to stand for the anthem and I think this was a clear case of a lack of leadership,” Riddle told the Dallas Morning Post.

The Dallas Morning news said police officers were seen kicking at DeMarco and Ashley as they were detained outside the police station.

The incident was caught on video and the Cowboys announced a public apology.

“Dallas Cowboys’ DeMarco & Ashley Murray are not attending the anthem this week.

We regret the incident,” the team tweeted.

Riddle told ESPN she is frustrated that the Dallas police are not holding their officers accountable.

The Dallas police department did not immediately respond to ESPN’s request for comment.”

It was not our intention to disrespect anyone and we apologize for the pain that we have caused.”

The Dallas police department did not immediately respond to ESPN’s request for comment.