How ‘Family Dentistry’ Is Actually Doing It, In 10 Steps

Posted March 05, 2019 04:02:54Family dentist and surgeon Dr. James Anderson of Lapeer and his son, Dr. Adam, have been doing a lot of family dentistry in recent years.

The family dentist started out doing the dental office at the Lapeers home in the early 1990s, and his office is still in the same spot at 2726 S. Florida St. The family has been doing family dentures since 1999.

Anderson said they use different techniques to work on different teeth, including a lotion, toothpaste, gum and some other products.

Dr. Anderson said they usually have about five patients per week, and that the staff is full of love and excitement.

Anderson said the dental team is extremely knowledgeable and knowledgeable in all aspects of dental care.

They are all very experienced and are very willing to help.

Dr. James told FOX Sports that the Lapesons dental practice has been very successful.

“They’re the most thorough,” he said.

“They’re really good at it.

I love the people.”

He said that when the family dentist and the team are not performing well, they try to bring in additional people to work as a team.

While the practice is located in Tampa, Anderson said that he is in New York City on business and that he has a lot going on in his personal life.

He told FOX Sport that he and his wife, Tricia, had been together for nearly 30 years.

They had two kids when they had their first baby, he said, and he also has a daughter.