How the #DentalGateGateGate story is impacting your family dentist

The dentists who worked under the Trump administration have been speaking out about the pressure they were under to remove the family dentist from his position, despite his deep ties to the administration.

A family dentist who had worked under Trump in the White House is now facing criticism for removing his boss from his office after his boss allegedly sexually harassed and assaulted women.

The Trump administration has come under fire for its alleged failure to respond adequately to allegations of misconduct by members of its staff.

The scandal has prompted a number of family dentist leaders to come out against the administration, arguing that the family dental profession was under siege.

The dental association that represents dental students at University of Colorado dental schools has also called for a boycott of the school and its schools, while the American Dental Association, which represents dentists across the country, has issued a statement calling for a national boycott of dentists.

Dental associations have also taken to social media, with some dentists using the hashtag #BoycottDentalDucks.

Dr. D. Scott Keller, a family dentist at University Health Network’s Colorado Springs campus, told ABC News that he is the victim of a double standard.

“I don’t feel safe.

I don’t want to be there anymore,” he said.

“I’m afraid for my family.

I’m afraid that I’m going to be the one who will have to go back to work because of this.”

Keller was working in the office of Dr. Robert LaBarbera, the president of the Colorado Springs-based American Denture Association, at the time LaBarbers alleged harassment and assault against his female colleagues.

LaBarberas family dentist is one of the top medical providers in Colorado Springs, according to his bio on the

LaBarb’s father is a dentist in Colorado and his grandfather worked in the dental office of the first female president of Yale University, Dr. Susan D. Whelan.

LaBanberas father is also a dentist, and his brother is the head of the dental school.

The Colorado Springs Medical Association released a statement Monday calling for LaBarbs removal from his dental practice.

LaBbera has resigned from the American Dentistry Association, citing the recent sexual harassment allegations.

LaBarbers father, a dentist and the first male president of Colorado’s oldest school, is also facing a number the accusations, including sexual harassment and retaliation.

While LaBarbing is a top-tier dentist, his former colleagues have also raised concerns about the former president’s handling of the accusations.

“I am concerned that LaBar’s conduct and behavior may have led to the deaths of more than one female colleague, including a female colleague who died while on duty,” said Dr. Sarah O’Connell, president of Denver Dental Associates, a dental association in the Denver metro area.

O’Connell said LaBar bordered on predatory behavior in his office, and he had an office where women worked in his private office and his office in the public sector.

“We have witnessed a significant increase in reports of inappropriate behavior by LaBar, who was a highly-respected dentist, at both his public and private dental practices,” she said.

“As he continues to be a private citizen, he should not be in the position to make those kinds of decisions for our community.”

In a statement, Dr LaBarberes father, former Colorado dentist Dr. Richard LaBarbes, also called the accusations against LaBarbert “outrageous and wrong.”

LaBarb has denied all allegations against him, and the Colorado Medical Association has asked LaBarbie to resign his position.