Which dental practice is best for my family?

Dental offices around the world have been growing rapidly, but some are struggling to meet demand.

Dental offices across the United States are also facing pressure from a changing population and rising costs, but in the San Diego area, family dentist Scott Clements said he is not worried.

“I think this is going to be a nice market for us,” Clements told ABC News.

Clements said his practice, which has about 80 staff members, is getting ready for a boost in patients coming in.

In 2015, the average family dentist in the United Kingdom lost about $2 million, and that number is likely to be even higher by 2021, according to the British Dental Association.

It’s a trend that’s spreading across the U.S., according to a recent report by the American Dental Assn.

A study released in February by the Dental Institute of America showed that dental offices across nine states are in danger of losing $20 billion to $35 billion by 2021.

The dental industry is experiencing unprecedented growth in the U, and there’s a strong possibility that the trend will continue in the coming years, Clements says.

He’s confident his practice can survive as long as he can.

“I know that if I can keep the same staff and keep the facilities that we have and keep people in the office and keep that atmosphere and keep them from leaving and having to go somewhere else,” Coles said.

Dentists have long been known for being loyal to their families, Coles says.

But this trend is about more than just working with patients, he says.

“I think if we can continue to do that, we can make the dentists in this country who work hard a little bit happier,” he said.