Dr. Edward R. Stratford has died at age 96

The family dentist who lived in the Stratford community of North Aves has died, the Canadian Press has learned.

Dr. Edward Stratford, who lived at his North Ave home for more than 100 years, died Monday at age 95.

He was the father of four, including his daughters, Jane, 71, and Elizabeth, 59, and son, Edward Jr., 46.

He had been hospitalized recently for pneumonia.

Dr., who was born in North Aved, was the third of four children, and grew up with his parents, who both lived in Ottawa.


Stratford was a native of Ottawa and graduated from the University of Ottawa in 1954.

He worked for the Ottawa Hospital, where he spent his final year before retiring.

He married Jeanne in 1955, and their children, Jeanne, Jane and Elizabeth followed in the family tradition.

He and his wife, Margaret, died in Ottawa in 1984.

Dr.-Colonel Edward R Stratford (left) with his son, Earl, who was named after him after he graduated from Ottawa Hospital in 1954 (right)The family dentist also worked for many years as an assistant dentist at the Ottawa General Hospital and at the Canadian Forces Hospital in Quebec City.

He has been remembered for his dedication to his patients, his family and his work, and his care of his patients.

A service will be held at 8 p.m. at his home.