Family dentist bills dental union for $2 million breach

A family dentist has been charged with fraud after a union representing him allegedly breached its contract with him by accepting more than $2.4 million in cash and gifts from the dentist, his wife and his business associates.

The complaint was filed by the Dental Union of America in Los Angeles County, California.

The complaint says that Dr. Robert Breslin’s family dentist bills the DVA for more than two million dollars, including a $2,500 check from his wife, who was also a dentist.

The dentist has since been charged in federal court.

According to the complaint, Bresler’s wife, Susan Breslens, and other members of his family have accepted money from Breslines and other dental unions.

According the complaint: In June 2014, the DSA, which represents Breslers, began an investigation into his dental practice after it learned that his practice had accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars in improper fees from a dental association.

The DSA discovered that the dental association had received more than 2 million dollars in unauthorized fees from other dentists.

Bresline has been accused of accepting more money from the DDA, including $2 ,500 in cash payments.

Benslens has denied the allegations and said she never accepted the cash and that she never made the payments.

In June 2015, the agency determined that the Breslens and other dentistry associations had not paid the dental associations illegal fees.

The BresLens and the DCA settled their lawsuit in September 2015 for $1.9 million.

In March 2016, the BSA’s board of directors appointed a new chairman, a dentist from another dental union, to replace Breslies previous chairman, and a new board to replace the former chairman.

Breslings attorney, Stephen R. Zaslavsky, filed the complaint.

Zassaels complaint accuses the DAA of “deliberately” allowing the B-Sens to accept the money and not to disclose the payments to the D-VA.

Zashlars complaint also alleges that Breslins practice is “inappropriate, fraudulent and unethical.”

“The DVA, DSA Board and the other parties in this matter, by their actions and by not properly disclosing the unlawful payments, have violated the DPA’s Code of Ethics and the BCA’s Code,” the complaint said.

“In addition, these parties have committed fraud on the public by allowing the DFA to accept such fraudulent payments.”

The D-FA says it is working with the DBA, the California Attorney General’s Office, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and the Federal Trade Commission to investigate the case.