How to stay safe in Las Vegas after a mass shooting

Family and friends are gathering at a church in Las Vegas to pray for the victims of a mass murder at a dentist’s office in the resort town.

Key points:”This is a terrible time,” said a church memberThe church is holding a service at a nearby hotel to remember those who were killedThe church members are holding a vigil at a hotel and the community is sharing pictures of people they’ve met who were at the dentist’s appointmentThe church has started a Facebook page for people to share pictures of them, as well as information about the service at the hotel.

The service is being held at a local hotel.

Church members are sharing pictures and information about their experiences in Las Vega, in the US state of Nevada.

“We’re going to start sharing pictures, we’re going.

We’re going for the picture of us at the dental appointment, and we’re trying to find a way to share it.

We have to keep this going.

There are no words.

It’s a time of mourning, and it’s just an awful time.

There is no way we can go through this without each other,” the person who identified themselves as an organ donor said.”

This community is not going to let this happen, but this is just a terrible, terrible time, and there are no more words to describe how we feel.”

Lights went out at the Las Vegas shooting venue after the gunman opened fire on attendees, killing 58 people and wounding more than 500.

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