Lincoln NE, Monroe LA family dental practices to shut down

Lincoln NE (CBS11) – Monroe LA (CBS13) – The Monroe County Family Dentistry & Orthodontics has decided to close their doors after more than 10 years in business.

The dental office, which has operated since 1998, has closed its doors to its dental staff.

This is not the first time that Monroe has been hit by a medical crisis.

The dentist, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2016, told CBS13 that he was forced to close because of medical costs.

“My husband and I are going to have to make some tough decisions on whether to continue or close up shop,” Monroe said.

“I will not let this get in the way of us being able to care for our patients.”

Monroe said the dental team was able to continue to care with a few temporary staff members, but he was left to try to care on his own.

Monroe said that they have a team of about 20 to 25 patients who are unable to see their dentists, who were also forced to retire in the last few years.

“When I was a kid, I always had a toothbrush,” Monroe recalled.

“But now I have a tooth brush that doesn’t work, and my son is sick.

We’re not going to be able to take care of him.”

Monroe’s decision to close comes after Monroe had to fight for the ability to pay for dental work.

“They had me work out of my house,” Monroe told CBS14.

“My kids are going through chemo.

We don’t have the money for dental care.”

Monroe explained that he has been unable to make a dent in the past few years, as his health has been deteriorating and he has trouble finding enough work.

Monroe’s wife, who works for the Monroe County Health Department, also had to give up her job.

Monroe also told CBS12 that he’s hoping to find another job within the next year.

“It’s hard enough having to do this job,” Monroe stated.

“With all of the new health and wellness regulations, we’re going to struggle to keep up with that.”

Monroe told the station that he will be able pay his bills with an insurance plan.

“Hopefully, we can keep up,” Monroe added.

“And hopefully, when I’m done here, I can have dental work done in the future.”

Monroe has asked his patients to send him messages to let him know how much they appreciate his care.

He has also asked that people respect his privacy during the closure.

Monroe and his wife have been married for over 35 years.