Family Dentist Says Her Kids Are Being “Bored” and “Tired” by the Fake News

Family dentist mi says her children are becoming bored with the “fake news” they’re getting from her and the rest of the media.

Mi, who also has two sons and four daughters, says that her children have a different outlook on the world and don’t trust the mainstream media.

“They’re tired of being lied to and the mainstream is getting it,” she told the publication.

“You know, we’re not going to sit back and watch all the news from the mainstream, but we’re going to watch it with our kids because we’re tired and we want our children to have the same experience that I did when I was a mom.”

Mi says her son, who has a full-time job and is studying in the UK, also believes that he is being lied about, and has become a more skeptical person.

“We’re like, ‘Well, that’s what we’ve been hearing, so it’s like we’re being lied.

But we don’t want to believe it,'” Mi said.

“I’m like, that doesn’t mean we’re lying, because it’s not that.

It’s just not what we are being told.”