Florida family dentist dies after being bitten by baby deer

A Florida family dental practitioner who treated a baby deer that was bitten by a dog has died after being rushed to the hospital.

The Palm Beach Post reported Thursday that Geraldine L. Odom died of her injuries at a hospital in Orlando.

Odom’s son, Brian, told the newspaper the dentist was at work on Thursday when the deer bit him.

Brian Odom, a veterinarian with the Palm Beach County Health Department, told CBS News in March that Odom is an expert in deer bites and that she would not have survived if she had not been treated.

The Post reported that Odeas son said he and his father, Geraldine, have been in contact with the family, and that Brian Odom’s father, Charles, has been in touch with the health department.

Charles Odom told CBS affiliate WESH he has not spoken to his father since the deer attack.

He said that ODEAS family is doing fine and has been treated by a vet and emergency room staff.

The Odoms told CBS station WESH that they have received death threats and that the family will be taking legal action.