What to expect from Markham’s dental surgery, when it begins (ABC News)

Markham, Ont.

– The Markham family is one of the many Ontario families that lost a tooth in an operation that is now on hold.

Family dentist Markham has been working on the Markham dental team for about a month now, and is planning a few weeks of dental work as the family recovers from a recent dental procedure.

He said they are hoping to have all the teeth extracted from the family within the next week or so, but will be waiting for a test results to know how much time they will need to complete the procedure.

“We are very, very hopeful, but we don’t know exactly,” he said.

“We do know it’s going to be a long process, and I don’t think we will be able to get it done until mid-March.”

Markham said the family had been living in Markham for over 40 years, and that when it was all over, they were still in a “very positive place.”

“It was a traumatic experience for us, it was a difficult time, and we’ve still got a lot of work to do, but that’s OK because we’ve got the support we need and our family’s in a very good place,” he added.

This week, Markham and the Marklands family moved into a new house, and were able to see their children for the first time in weeks.

They are also preparing to start a new business with their son, who is in Grade 10, but has yet to be named.

Dr Markham said he and the family have received support from the public and community, and plans to continue to do that.

“As I told the families, there’s a lot that you can do with the support of the community,” he explained.

We have received quite a lot, but I’m going to keep working on it, because I think it’s important for the community, for the kids, and for the family to have a good time.

I’ve been a dental hygienist for almost 40 years and this is a great opportunity for me to help with a family’s dental problem.

But he also said it will take time.

“It will take some time, but it’s the best time to do it, it’s been very stressful, and this has been a very difficult time for everyone,” he noted.

If you or anyone you know needs dental care, call Healthline at 1-800-668-6876, or visit www.halifax.ca/health.