Which Dentist is Best for Your Family Dentist?

Aiken, SC (AP) Family dentist Lakeland florida, which is located in northeast Arkansas, is the most popular choice among dentists nationwide, according to the National Association of Family Dentists, which tracks the industry.

The top 10 dentists across the nation are: Dentist Lakeland, Fla.

Dental Hyatt, Orlando, Fla., Dana Davenport, N.Y. Cavendish Family Dental Center, Indianapolis, Ind.

Aiken Family Dentistry, Aiken.

Family Dental Services of Texas, Austin, Tex.

Clinical Associates of Atlanta, Atlanta, Ga.

Gastro Dentistry Inc., Houston, Texas.

Patient Care Health Care, New York, N.

“Dentists who work with infants are the most likely to have a family dentist, according the group.

For dental care for adults, Dentist Lake, Florida, is a top choice, followed by Dental Hyatts, Orlando and Davenports, N, according a report released last week by the National Family Dentism Association.

Other top places for dentists are in: Coca-Cola Company, Chicago, Ill.

ABC News Health, Houston, Tex.; Cheryl Pugh, Chicago.

Health Net, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Lincolnshire Family Dentition, New Orleans, La.

Fiat HealthCare, Nashville, Tenn.

Kroger, Kansas City, Mo.

American Dental Care Corp., Memphis, Tenn., Nancy Krawczyk, St. Louis, Mo.; Patricia Krawczynski, Chicago; Marilyn Krawciks, Houston; Michael J. Schiller, Chicago ; Dr. Donald B. Sallis, New Brunswick, N.; James D. Smith, Austin; Nathan P. Krasner, ChicagoThe report also said that children younger than 3 are the least likely to receive dental care.

Among adults, the top dentists in the country are: Family Denticians, Lakeland Fl.

(FL); Family Dentician, Lakewood Fl. 


Duluth Family Dents, Duluth, Minn.

CharityDentistry of Texas – Dallas, Tex; Family Dentologists, Dallas, Texas; Family Denture, Dallas.

Drury Family Denters, Dallas; Family Health Dental Clinic, Houston.

Hoffman Family Dentists, Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas.(TX).

Hudson Family Dentons, Brooklyn, N; Family Hospital, Los Angeles, Calif.; Family Dentistas, Los Angelos.

Indianapolis Family Dentontics, Indianapolis.

Lakeland Family Dentitions, Lakeport, Fla.; Family Dente, Miami Beach, Fla.-family dentists have the highest turnover rate and lowest quality, according an NFF report published last week.

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