New family dentist in Tennessee joins local dentists

Posted November 11, 2018 08:04:00 New family dental school graduate and current family dentist, Mi Nelson-Bridgeport, is now taking over the family dentist position in the small town of Bridgeport, Tennessee.

Nelson-Rivera is the first new family dentist to take the helm in Bridgeport since the birth of her first child.

“I’ve always loved medicine and being a family dentist is what I’ve always wanted to do.

I want to help people get the care they need,” said Nelson-Nelson.

“Our community has been great and I’m excited to be in Bridgeptown, the perfect place to do my work.”

She is now in charge of filling the majority of her patients’ needs at the Bridgeport Family Dentistry, an in-home, family-based dental practice.

Nelson and her husband, Dr. Michael Bridges, have had a long history in the area, having moved to Bridgeport in 2008 from the small city of Chattanooga.

Their father, Robert, was the first family dentist of the area.

Bridges also works as a pediatric dentist in the community, which is why Nelson-Marks family is thrilled to have him as her first full-time dental assistant.

“We have had an excellent staff and have done a lot of good work for our community,” said Bridges.

“My wife and I have also been able to work with our children and grandchildren and I can’t wait to get back to our family of five.”

Nelson-EspañolNelson-Riveras family was one of only eight children, and Nelson’s first husband, Robert Rivera, was a dentist.

Their children are now six and six-year-old, respectively.

“The Bridgeport family has always been a tight-knit community and this new position will give me a chance to continue that and continue to serve our community as we have for so long,” said Robert Riveras.

Nelson says her new position at the dental school is also a way to help fill in the gaps in Bridgepool’s dentistry and to help her family with the many responsibilities that come with being a mom and dad.

“Being a mom is a very hard job,” she said.

“It’s just a different set of challenges every day.

It’s been very, very challenging and it has been a big challenge for me as a mom to take on all the other things that come along with being my mother and dad.”

She hopes to continue doing what she loves doing.

“As a mom, I’m really excited to have this opportunity to do something that’s important to me,” she continued.

“When I’m able to have a dental assistant that’s really passionate about what they do, that’s something that will be really helpful to my family.”

The Bridgeport Medical Association and Nelson-Sampson are thrilled to welcome Mi to the Bridgepool family.

“She has a very exciting and dynamic career ahead of her, which will allow her to give her full support to her new colleagues and help bridge the gap between families in the dental community,” the association said in a statement.

“Her dedication to the profession will also serve to give new families and patients a boost, as she will be a valued member of the team.”

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