Family dentist says he’s going to give up his dental practice to serve NFL

SAN FRANCISCO — Family dentist sandes off the stench of a decade of pain and frustration with his practice in downtown San Francisco.

Sandusky, 66, who founded the family practice in the San Francisco suburb of Antioch in 1976, has seen his family members die of cancer and a heart attack, but he says his family is in good hands.

Sandstein is a member of the United Dental Association and has been honored by the National Association of Dental Surgeons with its “A Lifetime Achievement Award.”

His daughter and granddaughter are dentists and he is the director of dentistry at the Mission Mission Hospital, a pediatric hospital, and he teaches dentistry in a school in Antioch.

Sandberg has been a dentist for 23 years.

He says he has worked hard to keep the practice afloat, but his life was a blur of a couple of years ago when his daughter had a stroke.

He says he feels more and more confident every day that the work he does is doing the right thing.

Sandenberg said he and his wife of 35 years have been through a lot and they know it.

His daughter, now 43, had a rare brain tumor removed from her brain in 2013.

The tumor was discovered in her right temporal lobe, a region of the brain that controls speech and language.

She died in June of last year.

A week later, his granddaughter had a heart transplant in Seattle.

He is not sure if they will ever be able to work together again, but Sandberg is committed to the work and believes in the patients he works with.

The Sandenbergs have two young children, ages 10 and 5.

Sandstein said his daughter is now taking care of his grandchildren and the children are learning to speak English.

Sandstrom said his son and daughter are on medications to help them learn to read.

The younger Sandstrom is on a regimen of medication that includes anti-rejection drugs and a drug that helps control their seizures.

He said the only way he can take the pain away is to step away from dentistry and let his children do it.