Family dentist,Kensington family dentist accused of child sex offences

Kensington family dental dentist,Mr Tipton Lakes, has been charged with two counts of child sexual abuse, after a string of complaints from former patients.

The 38-year-old, who worked at Kensington and Chelsea Family Dentistry, was arrested on Friday, charged with four offences, including two counts each of possessing indecent images of children and child pornography.

The first charge of possessing child sexual images of a child was withdrawn.

He will appear in Kensington Magistrates Court on August 25.

Police believe the offences are connected.

Mr Tippon Lakes is a dentist who worked for the Kensington Family Dentist.

His former patients, including children, have described him as being ‘nice, gentle and loving’.

He resigned from his job in September after the allegations came to light.

Mr Lakes, who has lived in Kenshamsted since 1995, is due to appear at Kenshamstead Magistrates court on August 23.

Mr Cheshire, who runs a dental practice in the town, said he was ‘shocked and devastated’.

Mr Chesshire said Mr Lakes, a father of two, had been working at the dental practice since 1994.

He said the family was ‘extremely concerned’ by the allegations.

He added: ‘I know his family is extremely concerned by what’s happened and the impact this has on their life and their relationship with their children.’

Mr Chesworth said the charges were not connected to his practice.

He is calling for the resignation of the Dental Council, which is responsible for the Dorset and Surrey Dental Associations.’

The council has failed to act appropriately,’ he said.’

They have failed to ensure that their members are fit and able to practise.’

I think that they need to resign.’

The council said it is ‘monitoring the situation’.

A Dorset Police spokesman said: ‘We are aware of the allegations made by a dentist at Kenslington Family Dentary.’

We are currently working with the Dorsets police on an investigation.’

Officers will be in attendance at Kens Westminster magistrates court this week.’

A spokesperson for Kensington Metropolitan Borough Council said: ”We are fully cooperating with the investigation.

We are committed to protecting children and working with authorities in their investigations.”

The council will continue to work with the police and the Dons to support the wellbeing of its members and provide all support to those affected by the criminal charges.’

In the meantime, the council will be monitoring the situation and working to support and protect the children affected by this matter.’