Best Dentists in B.C.

Family Dentist in Victoria’s North Bay, Edwardsville Family Dentists Billerica Ma has been awarded the 2017 Best Family Dentistry Award by the Canadian Dental Association.

Family Dentist Billeria Ma is a full-service family dentist located in the North Bay community of Victoria.

Billeria is also a member of the North Shore Dental Society, which represents the dental profession in Victoria.

In 2017, Billerias family was named one of the best dental practices in B topper by the CBC News Best Practice List.

Billers family practices at the Rose Valley Home & Garden Centre, a community-oriented community dental clinic.

The Rose Valley Family Dentism Practice is located at 1488 Main St. in Bayside, Victoria.

The clinic has been providing primary care to patients for more than 30 years.

Bill and his wife, Carol, and daughter, Kristina, run the Rosevale Home & Gardening Centre.

They specialize in oral care for patients with a variety of oral conditions.

Bill’s specialty is the treatment of dental problems.

The practice is also home to an extensive dental library and has been a long-time member of BC Dental Foundation.

Dr. Bill’s dental work is highly regarded throughout the region, with more than 70 dental practitioners from across the country choosing to come and work at his home.

Bill, Carol and their team are committed to providing high-quality oral health care to our patients and are committed not to charge too much for their services.

Bill is the executive director of the B., Victoria, Dental Medical Association.

He is also an honorary chair of the board of directors of the British Columbia Dental Federation.

Bill has served on the Board of Directors of the American Dental Institute (ADA), BC Dural Association, BC Dentists Association of BC, the British Dental Academy, and the British Association of Oral Health.

Bill lives in Rosevale with his wife and daughter.