Family dentist in Plano, Victoria, is in charge of dental hygiene for the family

Posted November 19, 2018 11:04:25 Family dentist who is the director of a family dental hygiene clinic in Planon, Victoria says he is not happy about the recent spate of infections in his clinic.

Key points:A doctor at a family dentistry clinic in Victoria has tested positive for coronavirus (CVD)Dr Adam Kallin said the virus has spread into his clinic and the staff have been told to keep an eye on their patientsThe doctor is being treated for coronactis, but has since recoveredHe said he is working to provide the care he requires and that his staff have also been told not to keep any personal information on patients secret.

Dr Adam, a GP who specialises in family denture and dental hygiene, said he was worried about the spread of CVD in his office.

“It’s been happening for a couple of weeks, so it’s certainly been affecting the clinic,” Dr Adam said.

“I can’t see a situation where it’s not happening.”

We have had quite a few people who have contracted the virus and we’ve had to quarantine people who were close to patients.

“The doctors at the clinic have been contacted by the Australian Federal Police (AFP) to report that they are in a compromised position.”

Dr Adam said the infection was “not something we can say at this point, but it’s something that we’ve been looking at as part of the management of the clinic”.

He said the clinic was not operating on a “vacation day”.

“We’ve had people come in for appointments on a weekend and we had to shut the clinic down,” he said.

“I don’t think we have a holiday in the foreseeable future, but we have to be mindful of what the staff and patients are doing in their time off.”

The Australian Federal Government has said it is investigating the cause of the infection.