When does a dental emergency need to be declared?

The family dentist who discovered her son’s brain tumor on holiday is now in hospital and her husband is now facing a cancer diagnosis.

Theresa and Craig O’Malley were travelling on holiday in the US with their daughter, Kaela, on the weekend of July 20 when they received a call that Kaelas condition was worsening.

“He was saying that his condition was worse than we thought and he was in hospital,” Mrs O’Malleys son Craig said.

“We thought we were all right, but we were just too far away.”

Mrs O’Malley’s husband Craig said Kaels condition was deteriorating rapidly and he feared he was going to die.

“My wife and I were very concerned and felt we needed to do something immediately,” he said.”[Our daughter] was getting worse and worse and we just couldn’t take it anymore.”

“He [Kaelas brain tumor] is now one of the most dangerous tumors in the world and we are just hoping that we can get him in the hospital before he dies.”

“Our son is in the best of condition and we hope that when he gets to the hospital, we can give him a proper start,” he added.

The O’MALLEYS said their son had been diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer at the age of 12, and the family has had to make decisions about what to do about the cancer.

“It’s been an amazing rollercoaster ride and I think we’ve come through all of it,” Mrs Kaelle said.

“It’s a very emotional rollercoating experience for us.”

“It has been tough, we’ve had to decide what we can do and what we need to do to help our son,” Mrs Craig said of their journey to the US.

“At the moment, it’s very difficult, but there’s a lot of hope for our family.”

The whole time, we are really trying to keep it together.

“Mr O’Melley said they had taken to calling Kael’s condition “the worst case of stage 3 cancer”.”

We are just trying to find ways to make it as smooth as possible for him and to make sure that we are making the best decision for our son, but also to keep him in our prayers,” he explained.”

There’s a big thing we’ve got to do with our family and our family’s faith and what is the best way to keep them together.

“Mrs Kael said the family would be moving out of the US in the coming days.”

I’m going to be going back to Australia and I will be travelling on the US flight,” she said.

Ms O’Kelley said the couple had decided to take a break to make arrangements to come home.”

But we have to do it because we have a family that’s been through this before,” she explained.”[Kaela] is still growing, he’s not even a toddler yet and he is a lot stronger than he was when we first saw him.””

We will be moving back in next week and will be getting a little bit closer to him,” she added.”

As far as we know, everything is okay.

He is doing very well.

“Mr Kael is expected to make a full recovery and his family is hopeful he will be able to return to the family.ABC/AAP