How the Burleson Family Dentistry Is Doing Business: Burlesons family dentist is back with his wife and sons

A family dentist who opened his own dental practice in a suburban Houston suburb says the trend for new families is coming to his city and he is hoping to capitalize on the trend.

In his first week as his family dentist at the new practice, Dr. Robert Burlesonty, his wife Karen and their two sons, Josh and Cameron, started to see a surge in visitors, the Associated Press reported.

They said they saw a rise in visits from parents and grandparents, and many were coming to see their sons in their early 20s.

But Burlesourty says the dentist has not been able to turn a profit, so he’s taking the extra cash and trying to capitalize by hiring new staff.

Burlesontys practice in Midland, Texas, opened this year, and it’s a relatively small practice, said a representative for the family.

It only has three dentists and five patients, he said.

He also said the practice is only open 24 hours a day.

Dr. Burles onty opened his practice in April.

The dental practice’s website says its a family practice of a small, two-story structure that has a total of 10 dentists.

Burle onty said that the goal is to expand to 20 people.