Toronto family dentist wins gold medal for best family dentist

Toronto’s family dentist has won gold medals for best and worst family dentist in five separate international competitions, as he is named the Canada’s Best and Worst dentist at the 2016 Toronto Children’s Dentistry Awards.

The Canada’s Worst Family Dentistry is a national competition where families have to choose their dentist and submit their application online.

It is the final competition before the national awards are announced, which take place this weekend.

Dr. Paul F. Lutz was crowned the Best Family Dentist at the Toronto Childrens Dentistry Award at the 2018 Canada’s Children’s Awards on Saturday.

Dr Lutz, who has been in practice in Toronto since 1999, won the 2017 Childrens Awards in the Best Dentist category, with his team at the Dental Clinic.

His team had to submit its own application online, which was submitted by parents of children with dental problems, to compete in the final two categories.

Lutz said he was “really happy” about the award, and that his team will continue to work on improving their services.

“This award really helps me,” he said.

“We have a lot of kids with dental conditions, so this is really helping us.

It really means a lot to us.

We’re looking forward to competing in this next competition.”

The Best Family Practice is a Canadian Competition, which focuses on the best practices for children with different dental problems.

The Best Family dentist is named at least once a year in this competition.

“The kids are our priority and we focus on that,” Lutz said.

He said that they work with families on a weekly basis to make sure that their dental needs are met.

The best dentist, by far, is Dr. Paul J. Lott, who was named the Best Practice in Childrens, with the Ontario Institute of Health Sciences (OISE) winning the Best Medical Dentistry category.

“He’s really got an amazing team,” said Dr. David B. Dickson, executive director of the OISE, which runs the annual Canadian Childrens’ Dentistry Competition.

“He’s got a very special team, and it really goes to show that his practice is really special.”

Dr. J. D. Littner, who heads the Childrens Foundation of Ontario, was named Best Dentists, with a team of doctors who worked closely with Lott.

“His team is fantastic.

They really know how to get kids to their appointments,” said Dickson.

The best dentist also was awarded the Best Childrens Hospital award.

Lott’s team works closely with the parents and is on call 24 hours a day to get the best care for children.

“This is really, really rewarding to us,” said Lott’s son, Jaden.

“It’s really rewarding because it means the world to us that the kids get a very good experience and a really good dentist.”

He also credits his team for helping him to make his practice more effective, and for his work as an advocate for children in the community.

“I’m very proud of the kids and what they’ve achieved, and they’ve done a lot,” he added.

“They have great families and they have great health outcomes.

They’ve just had a really hard year, and this award is very important to them.”

The best family doctor in Canada is currently the Canadian Association of Professional Dental Examiners (CAPP), which has the honour of naming him the Best General Dentist in Canada.

Lettner, a member of the association, is currently in the process of winning the 2018 OISE Award for Best General Practice.

“We are honoured to be named the best family dental practice in Canada,” said CAPP president, Dr. Karen B. Anderson.

“I think it’s very fitting that we are awarded the award.

We have a fantastic group of dentists in our country and they are very committed to their patients and to the community.”

The Ontario Medical Association is also proud of its association with Lett and his team.

“The award is a very nice recognition of the dedication of our members and their dedication to the health and well-being of our patients,” said Association president, Mary Ann Rochford.

“Dental practices have become a very important part of our lives.”

For more information about the Canada Childrens Dental Awards, visit the Children’s Foundation of Canada website.