Biden: ‘I want to work with Nancy Pelosi’

Vice President Joe Biden told CNN on Thursday that he would work with Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to find common ground on gun control in the wake of the Las Vegas massacre.

Biden’s comments came after he spoke with Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan, who said he and the president were on the same page on the gun issue.

“I have to tell you, this is something that I’m going to work to try to get to,” Biden said.

“I don’t know how we can continue to have an open debate if we don’t have people coming together to find solutions.

That’s what I want to see.”

Biden, who spoke with Ryan, said he was “not looking to take sides on the issue.”

“I am not going to take a position on it,” Biden told Ryan.

“What I want is to get a bipartisan approach to it, and I want the president to be there.”

Ryan also said he thought Biden would support the bill that would give federal gun safety funds to local communities.

“We need to work together to do the right thing,” Ryan said.

Boehner also offered some praise for Biden’s efforts to push through legislation that would expand background checks.

Bucs Chairman and Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, said that the president has done “a great job of pushing for commonsense gun safety legislation.”

Boehnert said the president made clear to the Republican majority in the House that he does not think “this bill is going to pass.”

“He was very clear that this is not going be easy, he’s going to go to the Senate and the President is going do everything that he can to get this passed,” Boehner said.