Which family dentist is the best in the state?

A family dentist and her colleagues, with help from an outside expert, found the top three dental professionals in the Honolulu area.

The four-part series, published Tuesday in the Journal of the American Dental Association, analyzed the top-paid family dentistry workers across the state, which also includes the City of Honolulu, the City and County of Honolulu and Honolulu-area communities.

The research team reviewed the data and interviewed more than 100 dental residents in the counties of Kalihi, Honolulu and the city of Waikiki.

They looked at how much dental work was performed, what services were provided and whether the practice had policies or practices that encouraged dental care at home.

Dr. Jody Waggoner, a dental hygienist and dental hydrator who works at the Waikīkī Family Dental Center, said it’s important for dentists to keep the health and wellness of their patients and staff in mind.

The main issue, she said, is not the quality of the dental work but whether patients and the general public feel comfortable enough to take a home visit.

The researchers said they’re not recommending a particular family dentist or dental practice because it’s too hard to compare the results across different families, said Dr. Waggoning.

They were just looking at the health outcomes and how much care was being provided, she added.

The average salary for a family dentist was $160,000 a year.

Waddoner said the average family dentist had six years of experience and was able to handle about 200 patients a day.

She said she doesn’t have a hard number for her own practice because she works on an hourly basis, but that she is confident she could handle 20,000 patients.

WADDONER: I don’t feel like I’m working a lot of patients, but I am able to perform as many procedures as I can.

And it’s just like everybody else.

It’s all about what I’m able to do.

The team also compared the average salaries of dental staffs across the region and Hawaii, with a focus on dental services and practices.

They also looked at the salaries of the dentists who were in charge of dentistry and the average patient ages of patients who had dental care.DENTIST TOP PICKS for 2020:A dentist from the University of Hawaii-Hilo who had more than 1,300 patients and performed 3,400 dental procedures.

The top dentist for the city and county of Honolulu who was paid $170,000.

Dentists in Honolulu who had a median age of 67 years old, according to the research.

DENTISTRY TOP PICTURES for 2020-2025:The research showed that the top dental practices in the area had a more diverse patient base.

The team looked at whether the practices were providing care to people with a variety of needs, including those with diabetes, heart disease, mental illness, substance abuse, depression, anxiety and chronic pain.

The most common diagnoses for the top 10 dental practices were depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD, addiction and cancer.

The top-paying practice had the highest rate of depression and PTSD.

In all, they found that the most common dental problems were infections and infection control, and the top performing practices had the most dental services.

They also found that a lot more dentists worked on weekends than at any other time of year.

The research showed a lot fewer people work the weekend.

The median time between the first and last appointments was about six hours.

They reported an average of about 25 patients a week.

The bottom-paying practices were less likely to report any of these issues.DENTSURING A FAMILY:What dental care do dentists recommend?

Dr. WAGONER said it was important for dental hygmies to look at patients’ needs and make an informed decision.

She said the more people can get their health and well-being in their own hands, the better their experience is going to be.

Dental hygmasters are also more likely to be in charge, with the average hygmaster making about $100,000, WADDONSONER.

The average dental hygiess makes about $110,000 with about 10 dental procedures a day, Waddoning said.DID YOU KNOW?

There are about 2,000 dentists working in Hawaii.

They work on average more than six hours a day and work about 25 people a week, according, to the team.

There are more than 7,000 people living in Hawaii who are dentists.WADDONING: I would like to see dentists in Hawaii doing more work at home and taking care of their clients.

They’re already making that effort.

They need to be working.