Vernon family dental team to open in Toronto, Ottawa


(AP) A dental team will open in Ontario’s capital city of Toronto in the coming months after the family of an 87-year-old Ontario couple died in an apparent suicide.

The dental team of Vernon, Ont., will have its offices in downtown Toronto and in the Ontario capital city’s east end.

They will be managed by the family-owned Vernon Family Dental Services.

It was the first time the Vernon family had dental offices in Canada, and they are the first to open a dental office in the United States, said Jim Vernon, president of the Vernon Family.

The Vernon family owns the Vernon Restaurant in Toronto and also owns Vernon, Ont.-based Denture Canada.

The Vernon family operates its own dental practices and has an office in Ontario.

The family was a wealthy Ontario family for most of the 20th century, having built their business empire by opening dentures in the Toronto area and in neighbouring Quebec City.

It is believed that Vernon was one of the first Canadian dentists to open dental offices.

Dentures are the dental tools used to treat people with dental conditions, such as tooth decay and gum disease.