Family dentist in Rensselaer County, NY, is charged with attempted murder and other offenses

Posted by’s Brett McMurphy on Saturday, February 06, 2019 12:19:22 The family dentist at a Rochester, New York, home that’s been under fire for allegedly murdering a baby is now charged with attempting murder.

According to a criminal complaint, Kenneth G. Cavanaugh was charged with first-degree attempted murder on Saturday in New York’s Westernchester County.

The complaint, filed by the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office, says that Cavanaugh killed his daughter and another infant on February 9.

It says that while the other child was on life support, Cavanaugh allegedly killed the infant and tried to strangle his mother.

The infant, a 7-month-old girl, was pronounced dead at a hospital.

The baby was also pronounced dead by the hospital, according to the complaint.

A judge set bail at $1 million on Friday.

The baby’s parents, who are now in the custody of their grandparents, told authorities they didn’t know their son was having an emergency and said they’d called police.

They also said that they were concerned because Cavanaugh had been estranged from them for several years and didn’t have any children of his own.

Police have said they have no evidence that Cidalys daughter or baby died in the home.