If you had a choice, what would you get?

The answer: A brand new set of teeth.

“My mouth is really bad, but my teeth are getting worse, so I’d definitely be interested in a new set,” she said.

“I’m already looking forward to that.”

Her dentist friends have been posting pictures of the new set, which is called “a little bit of a change,” on their Facebook pages.

The pictures show her with the new teeth, a smiley face and a big grin.

She also said she’s gotten a “big smile” and a “nice” laugh from the new face.

She added: “I can’t believe I just got my new teeth!”

The pictures are not the only thing the family dentist has been posting about her new look, and she’s also been sharing her thoughts on Facebook.

Dentists are not required to tell people they’re going to be getting a new face, but Dr. Roberta and her husband are happy they’re not wearing plastic braces.

This isn’t a new dental procedure, so Dr. Rosalind and her family aren’t going to change their usual dental procedures, but they’re happy to get a new look to match their new family.

The couple told ABC News they’re just looking forward “to seeing how it goes” with the face.

They added they hope to “see a little more of my family on Facebook.”