How to celebrate your 100th birthday in 2018

A 100-year-old man has celebrated his 100th anniversary with a full smile, as his favourite football team was unveiled.

Peter Harker, a family dentist in Rockaway, New York, said his daughter and son-in-law are “so excited” about his 100 years.

Peter said: “It’s not the same team as when I was a child, it’s the same players and it’s a very good team.”

The fans have been amazing, they have been a great crowd and I’ve seen them cheering for me when I’m going into the practice.

“He added: “I have always wanted to be part of a team that has been a team to support and to have a good time, so I’ve been very happy to have that.

“It’s a great feeling.”

Peter said his children are enjoying the celebrations and they are also celebrating their birthday together.

He said:”It is a very special moment for us.”

My children have been so happy to see me out and about and to be able to see the team that they’ve been watching for so long.

“I love being in the team, I love playing football, I enjoy meeting all the fans and everyone has been great to see us together.”

Peter has been attending football matches at the stadium for more than 20 years.

He has been watching every game and said he had “never seen a team come out on top” in 100 years of watching football.

He added:”I’ve never seen a 100-match winning team come through in 100-years.”

That’s a fantastic feeling.

“A year ago Peter visited the stadium with his wife, wife-to-be, Barbara, who said he is “totally in awe”.

She said: ‘I’ve seen it a hundred times before, and we’ve had to change our plans for the game, but it’s amazing what the fans have done for us.’

Peter said the team is a “good team” and the fans are “really, really, really nice”.

Peter added: ‘They are not only supporting the team but the fans.”

They have been great, and I’m just so happy for them.

“For the family, it is a good feeling.”

He said he was delighted to be in a club with a history of winning and said it is “just fantastic”.

Peter said he has always dreamed of being part of the club team.

Peter added his favourite players are the players he has seen playing in the stands.

He explained: ‘The boys I have seen playing at the ground, I have never seen anything like that, and it was just really special.’

I think I would be delighted to go back and be in the crowd when they come out.’

It’s been a fantastic experience, it was very special, it has been wonderful.’

Peter is a member of the Rockaway Football Club and he is a fan of the team.