“I had a bad day”: How my dentist went viral

The American Dentist, an online community for dental professionals, published a video of a dental assistant who was “scared to death” by an angry patient after she told him she was having an asthma attack.

The patient, whose name was not released, was in the lobby of a hospital in a New York suburb and refused to leave the room until the dentist was done.

The assistant then began to speak with him, yelling at him to leave.

The man left the room and was later diagnosed with asthma and had to have his mouth shut.

The American Dental Association condemned the video.

The video went viral and attracted thousands of views.

The dentist, who had been with the organization for more than a decade, has since been invited to a conference and has received praise for his “leadership.”

The AmericanDentalAssociation.org said in a statement: “Dentists are a trusted profession, and the profession has suffered because of their lack of leadership.”