How the family dentist in Kensington is making dentists around the world proud

It is a place where family dentist Ken Jackson sees a family.

The man is the father of four.

It is where Jackson is seen every morning by his wife, Kelli, and their children, and where he can be seen at work with his wife.

It’s where he spends his time when he isn’t in the office.

And it is where he works most of the days.

Jackson is not the only dentist in this part of the world.

He’s not the first to do it.

Jackson works with the family of his colleague, David Hirsch, to treat children who have developmental disorders and cancer.

Jackson says it’s about family.

He says he was raised by a single mother and a father who was in and out of prison.

And, he says, he is here to help people with special needs.

He said that if you want to see the value of family, it’s that you have to see people and hear people and feel people and you can’t just say, I’m going to do this.

And that’s the difference.

Jackson works at the family dentistry in Kens-ington, an affluent part of Brooklyn.

It has the largest dentist practice in the country.

It also has a small dentistry department, which has a dentist on staff.

But what Jackson wants to make clear is that the family is the most important part of his work.

“Family dentistry is really about the love and the care of the family,” he said.

“It’s not about just filling the mouth with fluoride.

It does all kinds of things for people.

I can’t really go into detail about them, but it’s very important to them and they appreciate it.”

The family dentist is not Jackson’s first choice, but he is doing his best.

Jackson’s colleagues at the office say he is the best.

He has the best patient outcomes, and he has the lowest patient bills.

But Jackson says he wants to do more.

He said his office is full of people who are going to work here and he’s excited to see them every day.

“I’m excited to work with them, and I know what I’m doing will make a difference to people’s lives,” he told me.

I asked Jackson if there was one thing he would say to the people he works with.

“Just thank them,” he replied.

Jackson said he is thankful to his family.

I said that’s what we all want.

Jackson said that, yes, his family is what makes him who he is.

The Family Dentistry in Kensington has a staff of 40 and Jackson says that, while he is busy, his work is very much appreciated.

“We’re all trying to give back to the community and that’s our main goal,” he explained.

We can’t do it without you, he said, and that makes him proud.

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