Why did Markham family dental dentist have a private phone call with her husband?

A family dentist in Markham has admitted to having a private call with a wife who had a minor case of measles last year.

Dr. M.K. Markham, a family dentist at Markham’s Royal Markham Clinic, admitted to the offences during a court appearance on Wednesday.

The call occurred last September after Markham was asked about the case of a family member with measles.

She told her husband that the case was under investigation, but she did not elaborate on what that investigation was.

On October 2, Markham made the call to the husband’s mobile phone, telling him to call her if there was anything that needed to be done.

She said the husband did not have to answer.

On Thursday, Markholm told the court she was unaware of the case and was not sure if the call was made for any other reason.

She added she was not aware of any other calls that she made.

During the trial, Marklund testified she had only been with her patients for three weeks.

Markholm testified she only made two phone calls with her former husband.

Marklund told the jury the calls were made because she wanted to make sure she had the information she needed before making any phone calls to her former patients.

She was ordered to pay $15,000 in fines and court costs.