How to tell if your dentist is a scammer

When you go to a dentist, you’ll be treated to a warm welcome and the promise of a friendly face.

However, you may be getting a few surprises.

The dentist may try to sell you a product or services that aren’t as advertised.

Or, they may ask you to pay for something that they’ve done, or promise to do it again.

You may be offered a product that’s not as good as it is advertised or you may even be told that you’re getting a bad product.

You can call your local dental office to check the status of your dental appointment.

Dentists often offer discounts or services when they can.

But if you’re still unsure, you should check the dentists website or ask them directly.

Dental offices are required by law to tell you if a dentist is doing a scam, and to warn you of the risks.

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Don’t pay the dentist.

Don´t get a toothbrush.

Call the dentist and tell them that you don’t want a toothpaste.

Ask them for an alternative option, such as a tooth-cleaning service.

Or, call a consumer protection hotline.