How to get a new dentist appointment in south-west Queensland

A new family dentist has been appointed to the South West Queensland dentistships dental staff, after an internal inquiry found an officer had failed to conduct due diligence on his performance.

Key points:Dr Richard Anderson is expected to return to work on August 4Dr Anderson has been an officer with the South Western Dental Board for three yearsDr Anderson resigned from the board on Friday after the internal inquiry into the performance of Dr Richard Anderson found he had made inappropriate comments about womenDr Anderson was appointed as a part-time dental officer at the Southwestern Dental Boards office in the Brisbane suburb of Wyndham last yearDr Anderson’s office is part of the South Eastern Dental Services Group (SEGSG)The Queensland Health Department confirmed that Dr Anderson would return to the dental staff on August 6.

The Queensland Department of Health confirmed that his office would also be part of SEGSG.

He has been on leave since last year after he resigned from his position with the board.

The South West Dental Association (SWDAs) is the parent organisation of the SCDAs.

The board has been rocked by the resignation of Dr Anderson, who resigned from SCDA duties in May.

The announcement that Dr Richard would return was made on Friday afternoon, after it emerged Dr Anderson had been an “inappropriate and abusive” officer for several years.

Mr Anderson’s statement, released on his personal website, said:”I feel this is a personal loss to me and my family, and that I am not the person I was on my terms of engagement with the SCA.”

“The time has come to let my family know I will be returning to work with the family dentist team.

I have been with the SA Dental board for about three years, and it has been a great privilege to be involved with them.”

I have learnt so much from them.

I will continue to be committed to them and will do my best to serve them well.

“Dr Anderson had previously been a part of SCDas office for two years, until he resigned due to “unprofessional conduct”.

The board’s statement read:”Following the resignation, SCDAS made it clear that there would be no further involvement from Richard in SCDAB duties.”

Dr Richard is expected back to work from August 4.

Mr Andrews said Dr Anderson’s departure had not come as a surprise, given he had been a member of the board for three months.”

We had some issues with Richard and a number of times, and he’s a good guy, and we’re all very disappointed by the way he has handled that situation,” he said.”

He’s been very supportive of us, but he also had his own agenda.

“He said Dr Richard’s resignation was a surprise.”

This was a very difficult decision for him and he made it very clear, he didn’t want to work for us any more,” he added.”

Richard is an experienced dentist and has had a long career in the dental field.

It’s a sad time for all of us.

“His family have been very understanding of his situation.”

Mr Andrews also said the board was not in a position to comment on any of the “sources and methods” of Dr Allan’s investigation into the behaviour of his officers.

“It’s very clear what happened here, and what’s been said, so it’s a bit disappointing that people are still talking about it,” he explained.

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If someone is involved in an inappropriate way, or they engage in behaviour which isn’t in line with professional standards, it’s their problem, and they will have to deal with it.”

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