Why ‘Elwood’ star has surgery for a brain tumor

LAPEER, S.D. — It wasn’t the surgery she wanted.

The dentist was on a road trip to Lapeer when her parents were murdered and she was just starting out in her career.

But when she was 13, her father’s family found him and took him away.

She and her mom went into hiding in the mountains until her dad returned and they met up with the Lapeers.

The reunion was a happy one.

They’ve lived together ever since.

Now, Elwood’s parents are waiting for her to be able to see them again.

She has had her own brain tumor removed, and she’s been diagnosed with an aggressive form of leukemia, and has a genetic disorder that prevents her from being able to breathe.

Doctors said she may not live another day without a new procedure, but she’s determined to have her surgery.

“I want to do what’s right for me,” Elwood said.

“I don’t want to be on a wait list, but I think I deserve to be alive.

I don’t have a lot of choice.”

Elwood has had two operations on her lungs to remove the tumor and another on her thyroid gland to remove another tumor.

She’s been in remission since then, and the cancer is now so advanced she has to be put on a ventilator.

But this time she’s also in a lot more pain, and her doctors told her she’s in danger of losing her lung, which is why she’s considering having her own surgery.

Elwood said she can’t afford to get another one, so she’s thinking about doing what her father did, which was take a gamble on a brain surgery and make it worth her while.

“If I could go through this again, I would have it done today, which would be my dream,” Elton said.

“You don’t just go through the worst time in your life, and just get a procedure that was a gamble, because it wasn’t a great idea.”

Doctors said Elwood is likely to need a second surgery to remove her thyroid, and will have to have two of the tumors removed at the same time.

Elton said she would have surgery sometime in the next few months to remove more of her cancerous tumor and then another operation to remove one of her tumor-causing tumors.

Elley said her mom has always been an independent woman who made her own way.

She’s proud of her parents and what they accomplished together.

“We have so much to live for, and that’s what they did, and they did it the right way,” she said.

But she said she’s not going to let her mom down.

“She’s the type of person who will go out and help her brother or sister and that will always be my mom, but if she needs help, I’ll be there for her,” Elley said.